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It’s new, it’s modern and minimalistic.

Ramhuset arrange viewing with Johannes shows his paintings SWIRLS with us. You can now see almost all original gathered in a single show in Falun city at sturegatan 67, Sweden. SWIRLS has been demonstrated in Gothenburg, including the A & CO furnishing store, Gallery Bella, Pusterviks bar in Gothenburg etc.


Johannes, 32 years old, grew up in Borlange, Sweden.

His CV tells us about painting and art projects since beginning of the 2000 century. He has been seen in street art context with the arts since 2008, and among other things, like paintings for RedBull, recently you could se his him paint at Soul Park Bjursås SkiCenter in Sweden.

Art has always been present in Johannes life and he is trying to be in a state where the inspiration is available. Experience of freedom is an important part of his work with ”SWIRLS”. His quest is to streamline and convey the beauty of simple shapes experienced from nature.